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  People just basically kind of suck.
No, Dad : A Poem

No Dad I’m not in a fucking bad mood

I pushed through my teeth slamming the door shut

I just broke up with my boyfriend of two years

And it’s my dead mother’s second birthday without her

And my best friend has been gone for two months

And it’s been a two days since I’ve slept at all

And the common application that determines the fate of my life for at least a few years goes live in two hours,

So no, Dad,

To answer your fucking question,

I’m not in a fucking bad mood.

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Anonymous: do you ever masturbate?

why are you so fucking creepy i hope everyone realizes how fucking creepy you are

Anonymous: u like dick or pussy more?

uhhhh i only like dick sooooo

stop projecting things stop predicting these things do not let yourself become fixated on something that has not happened